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LeilaniWas so excited to try this repice for breakfast this morning I didn't have any Thrive egg powder, (I have all the other ingredients) so I substituted it with one large egg. Other than that I stayed very true to the repice. The real egg may be the reason for the denser heavier (muffin result and also why the majority of it stuck to my wrappers Unfortunately not a hit in my family (kids and shared with my sister). They aren't BIG fans of the THRIVE ten grain pancake mix on it's own (which is why I'm looking for different ways to use it up) bc they prefer my fresh ground whole wheat from scratch. I've made muffins before that stuck a little to the wrappers and my kiddos scraped off the extra muffin from the wrappers with their teeth bc the taste was SO good. I LOVE the concept and creativity, I appreciate the simplicity of ingredients and technique, but the end product for me was a miss. Was worth trying, super simple and easy .VA:F 1.9.17_1161please wait...VA:F 1.9.17_1161(from 0 votes) url=http://wuonfxi.comwuonfxi/url link=http://wrohwshxwwi.comwrohwshxwwi/link

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